History of ORCA Health & Safety

ORCA Health and Safety started out in 2000 as a respirator fit testing company in Nanaimo, British Columbia. With two employees, its focus was to primarily serve fire departments in central Vancouver Island, under the name of Mid Island Safety Services and owner John Dunn. The demand for more safety services quickly expanded the company’s focus from fit testing to safety consulting, training and COR auditing. The company incorporated in 2004 and became MISC Mid Island Safety Consulting Ltd.

In 2013, John brought on a business partner, Karren Kossey, to assist in expanding the company and adding services to the scope of work, with hopes of one day being able to retire. Karren began to broaden the services by adding ergonomics, industrial hygiene services and WorkSafeBC auditing.

In the summer of 2016, John Dunn hung up his boots and retired from Mid Island Safety Consulting for a more frequent round of golf and time with his family. At that time, Karren Kossey became the full owner of Mid Island Safety Consulting.

In the fall of 2016, MISC Mid Island Safety Consulting Ltd.’s name was changed to ORCA Health and Safety to continue to show our roots to Vancouver Island and include “health” as a focus for our company. ORCA Health and Safety continues to focus on clients local to British Columbia while expanding services to promote integrated safety.

ORCA means protector, family and guidance. ORCA’s rely heavily on teamwork to succeed in hunting for food and protecting their families. We are proud to now be known as ORCA Health and Safety and we welcome you to ride the waves with us and look forward to many successful years ahead.