WHMIS Training

District of Ucluelet

Rob was a treat. His teachings were in depth, clear and easy to absorb. I appreciated the patience and time put into this course. His in-the-field is impressive.

Chainsaw Safety

Western Forest Products - Saltair

Rob was an amazing instructor. He kept us entertained while teaching us life saving skills. Amazing fella!

Chainsaw Safety

Western Forest Products - Saltair

I enjoyed the material covered in this course. I’ve had this instructor before with Fall Protection training, and as in that course, this one was explained and instructed very well.

Chainsaw Safety

Rob was great, super clear and concise explaining the dangers and proper use of a chainsaw. 10/10 would recommend

Fall Protection

Institution of Ocean Sciences

Great instructor, kept content interesting, informative and lively.

Fall Protection

Paper Excellence

Even though I have done this course several times, Peter explained the course well, and had a good discussion about scenarios. Great refresher!!

Open Fall Protection Training 2022

Very well done, great sense of humor and livened up what could have been a very dull subject. Good knowledge and effective teaching. Thank you!

Fall Protection Training, 2021

“No negative feedback, course was very well done. Instructor did a well job at explaining and was very entertaining.”

Confined Space Entry Training-Open Course, 2021

“An absolute gentleman, and it’s obvious Paul is very knowledgeable in every aspect of safety. His extensive safety background shines through his welcoming personality and his passion for safety.”

Fall Protection, 2021

“Second time taking this course and wouldn’t change anything by the way it was taught.”

Fall Protection, 2021

“Our instructor (Paul) was clear and concise, kept the group on topic. He had anecdotes that helped convey his message, but also pulled from group knowledge, thus ensuring group participation.”

JOHS Committee Training, 2019

“I found the review questions, exercises and stories from previous experiences very helpful in understanding concepts and reinforcing knowledge. I also really appreciated that the instructor was very willing to answer questions as they came up.”

Fall Protection Training, 2019

“Instructor was willing to deviate from course examples so that an exercise related to the job function was explored – made more relevant and useful. Instructor reacted well to the dynamic of the group – used appropriate and at time, amusing, stories to reinforce points. Enjoyable and informative.”

Confined Space Entry Training, 2019

“Thanks so much, the course was very helpful and informative. I also really appreciated the feedback regarding a career in health and safety.”

Respirator Fit Test Training, 2019

“The course was great! Loved that there were many different masks and how to take them apart and clean and levels of exposure to determine what mask to have for the job. “

Fall Protection Training, 2019

“I’ve taken Fall Pro many times. This was the best delivery or the course I’ve seen to date. Major props to the instructor! Keep up the good work!”

Todd Scaber

Manager, Water Systems Operations
Capital Regional District

“My team and I have learned a great deal from our time spent with ORCA Health and Safety. Jason and Karren have a way of understanding where the customer wants to go and then helps them get there. You both make CSE fun when it should be, and absolutely serious when it needs to be. I’m looking forward to working with you in the future!”

Geo Tech Industries, 2019

“I had to message you about our boot camp this morning. Elizabeth absolutely nailed it. It takes a lot to impress some of our supervisors. Especially when it means more work for them. My boss was totally impressed by Elizabeth’s knowledge and ability to get her point across. Hold onto her!”

Jason McConnell

Divisional Manager Health & Safety
Vancouver Island Regional Library

“Working with ORCA Health & Safety over the years in heavy industry and now public services has provided these organizations a stronger understanding of what is required from a regulatory perspective as well as what can be accomplished using a practicable based mindset.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to promote ORCA Health & Safety with my peers in differing industries and continue to do so. Areas of expertise my teams have worked with ORCA Health & Safety include; heavy metal exposure management, hazardous material abatement, asbestos management, chemical exposure assessment & control, biohazard control programs, confined space entry / lockout refinement, complex indoor air quality investigations and large complex organizational safety committee effectiveness.

Karren and her staff’s professionalism, knowledge and ability to share their courage with others on tackling some of the most complex safety issues we manage today in business, embraces the importance of working together to a common goal. The credibility that ORCA Health & Safety brings to the table not only helps paves the way for success on initiatives but allows others who watch from the sidelines the confidence that health & safety of the organization is paramount.”

City of Nanaimo, 2017

The instructor was outstanding. Excellent energy. Kept the class moving and engaged.

Nyrstar, 2018

Trainer was very well versed in subjects taught. Course speed was well tailored to needs of group (speed, time for breaks, finish times, etc.). Made course informative but also enjoyable…would highly recommend this course to others with JOHSC representation.

RDN, 2018

Very confident and calm presence from the instructor. A clear passion and love for safety.

Nyrstar, 2018

Peter did a wonderful job in allowing positive, collaborative conversation among the group. This helped facilitate a sense of team building throughout the two days.

Tilray, 2018

Peter was very informative and kept the training interesting. Great job.

K2 Stone, 2017

Very professional. Keeping the serious nature of the content fresh and light helps attendees get full value of a long day’s learning.

Plains Midstream, 2017

Excellent instructor who knew the information and taught the course very well. He was willing to answer any questions that came up during the day.

North Cedar Fire Department, 2017

Course information presented in a systematic and easy to follow manner. Good use of personal experiences to add context to information.

HollyHock, 2018

Great presentation/presenter- Dale made it interesting, the day flowed nicely and went by quickly. Nice work. Thank you!

443 Squadron, 2018

Jason was a fantastic and knowledgeable instructor who made sure no one was left with unanswered questions.

Open Course, 2018

Hands down the best fall protection course I’ve ever done. Not dry and boring. Instructor was very funny.

Open Course, 2018

Found the course exceptionally well presented and would not only recommend it but advocate for making it mandatory to many a mom and pop shop operation that buy safety gear for only one job and then it sits for years until the next dangerous job. In reality, safety guidelines are common sense reminders but we all need reminders to keep us safe and a few points were not known so I really appreciated it.

City of Victoria, 2018

The instructor was knowledgeable and well spoken. I felt the material and delivery of knowledge was very impressive as far as informing the class. I have taken fall arrest/restraint courses in the past and comparing this instructor to past instructors I would say he is very professional. Nice delivery.

443 Squadron, 2018

Course content was engaging and interesting as well as extremely informative and reinforced the need for fall protection. Method of instruction was engaging and helped reinforce the material in a very effective manner.

Mazzei, 2017

Very thorough, effective learning experience!

City of Victoria, 2018

Course was presented well and thoroughly instructed. Instructor had an immense amount of knowledge pertaining to the subject and course material, as well as relatable examples and experiences to share.

Department of National Defence, 2017

The instructor was very knowledgeable. He showed a perfect balance of maturity and humour to keep the whole class engaged. I would highly recommend he continues teaching.

Open Course, 2017

Peter was an extremely well prepared, knowledgeable teacher. He was ready for any and all questions. He made this course easy to follow and understand.

Island Paving, 2017

Peter thoroughly explained the material in an engaging way. Answered questions and shared examples to show practical applications.

RDN, 2017

The instructor was knowledgeable of the course material and presented it in a manner that makes it easy to apply to our daily use requirements. The time went by very quickly, which indicates that the instruction was engaging. Thanks!

Open Course, May 2018

Karren had a lot of energy and great stories that apply to this course. This course will be recommended to others.

Open Course, 2017

Very knowledgeable instructor, very well experienced and communicates really well with the group. I have been to many courses over the years (35) and this instructor is one of the best I can remember. Fantastic job as an instructor and know how.

Department of National Defence, 2017

Of all the confined space training I have received in the past, this has been the best! The biggest point I got is to not rely on existing regulations, but use a best practice model.

Fortis BC, 2017

Excellent course with a very knowledgeable instructor. I would highly recommend this to any person needing to work around confined space. Honestly some of the best vendor training I have received. Great job Jason!

Fortis BC, 2017

The course content was good and the delivery of “must know” topics was taught in a way that it required attendees pay close attention and take notes. Well done Jason, and thanks from the group.

Fortis BC, 2017

I have taken many many many different courses and this one has to be the most organized and prepared of them all. The presentation had all the answers.

Fortis BC, 2017

Jason is an excellent instructor who really knows his subject. Jason has an excellent personality and his delivery of the course was reflective of his personality. I would recommend Jason and this course to anyone.

Capital Regional District, 2017

I appreciated Jason’s practical “in the field” experience. Very engaging training and very applicable and ready-to-use for our specific work!

Matthew Dodd

Fortis BC

“I don’t normally do this, but I am writing to let you guys know how impressed I was with Jason and Ryan’s confined space course for Fortis BC Victoria. I have yet to meet a pair of guys who were more knowledgeable on a particular subject matter. The confined space procedures your group has created for us has the whole organization talking!! Terms like “Rock-Stars” were used regarding Jason and Ryan!! Highly Appreciated!!”

Tom Esakin

Program Facilitator
Nanaimo Youth Services Association

Knowledgeable, professional, dependent, reliable, committed, caring and generous. Wow! All this and more is ORCA Health & Safety. Over many years of time, NYSA (Nanaimo Youth Services Association) has engaged with ORCA for their breadth and depth of respected training services. From Asbestos or Confined Space Awareness to WHIMS and Fall Protection, even a Job Interview Skills & Practice workshop, these trainings and more ORCA has offered to the Nanaimo’s youth through the service-supports of NYSA. ORCA’s President, Karren, has particularly been helpful to NYSA by volunteering time with us to identify enhancements to various of our programs. When sailing the waters of training services, remember to place your sights on ORCA.

Craig Stewart

Health and Safety Manager
Hazelwood Construction

I review these (confined space documents) all the time and this was one of the best I have ever read. The documents are simple for others who may not have a background in safety to understand, and was very well put together. That makes my job much easier to disseminate the information and pass it along in the field.

District 69 Society of Organized Services, 2017

I would like to say a BIG thank you to both Karren and Peter for accommodating our large group for our WHMIS training. Everyone really enjoyed the presentation, and found it pertinent for all our locations. We were very impressed with how Karren was able to make WHMIS training interesting and engaging. I will be highly recommending ORCA Health & Safety training to my friends and colleagues.

Van Rock Interiors

Great instruction. Karen was a great instructor and made me feel comfortable to ask questions.

Darren McElhinney

Operations Manager - Generation Group
Fortis BC

Mid Island Safety (MIS) staff are very easy to work with, supportive and knowledgeable on regulations. MIS performed a number of tasks but primarily were hired to work as part of a team to enhance our existing confined space procedures to meet regulations. External audits have since confirmed that our procedures and processes meet or exceed regulations. As the procedures were being updated, MIS had to amend and develop documents with very little notice and were always able to turn things around in a timely manner. I’ve enjoyed working with Karren and her team and recommend them for helping you with your safety compliance needs!

Blaine Tremblay

Health & Safety Manager
Marine Harvest Canada

An excellent professional resource in health and safety that we  continuously rely on for over five years providing support with our confined space assessments, air-quality analysis and construction safety support.

Andre Noel, CRSP

Senior Health & Safety Manager
Columbia Power Corporation

This little company packs a huge punch. Karren and her team have always delivered on their deadlines and deliverables. ORCA has assisted Columbia Power with Confines Space Management, Permanent / temporary guarding and ladders solutions on green field and brown field projects. “Orca is just a phone call away“!

I would recommend ORCA Health & Safety to anyone needing a great safety consultant that delivers on time.

Dave Lovely

Safety Advisor
City of Campbell River

The City of Campbell River has used ORCA Health and Safety for many years to provide specialized health and safety consulting and training.  They serve as the “qualified person” for all our confined space assessments, as well as providing health and safety advice on many other regulatory requirements that affect municipal operations.   We look forward to continuing our relationship with them as they transition to Orca Health and Safety, knowing that we will continue to receive the same high standard of client service.

Ian O’Bryne

Safety Officer
Knappett Industries

Karren and her team have always been available at a moment’s notice and I truly believe the services they offer are leading the industry standard. They may be a small company in size but huge in knowledge and confidence. I certainly sleep better knowing we have ORCA Health and Safety support when needed.

School District 79

Outstanding. Very engaging workshop. Lots of interactive learning which made the class a lot of fun. Instructor went above and beyond. Highly recommended course.

Pacific Energy, 2016

Knowing a supervisors safety responsibilities for employees is quite scary. This course put my mind at ease as I now know what is expected.

Knappett Industries, 2016

Great content, excellent instructors. Will continue to always use ORCA Health and Safety for our safety courses.

School District 79, 2016

I appreciated the manner in which Peter delivered the material. He kept it lively but thorough. Would be happy to participate in another session. Lots of thought provoking time and opportunities for discussion.

FMI, 2016

Instructor provoked discussion and was very detailed. Examples were relevant and equipment used as props was great to see.

Regional District of Nanaimo, 2016

Peter was very informative and very knowledgeable. Made it easy to understand. Made the course fun and was one of the better courses I have taken. Instructor kept a very good pace and flow to the course.

WFP, 2016

I’m very new to the industry. As a sawmill worker, this course empowered me. A lot of new information for me on fall protection.

Open course, 2016

Hoisting class participants while in their harnesses is a very helpful exercise to demonstrate what it feels like to be suspended in a harness. Thanks for taking the time to do this.


I was really impressed with the level of knowledge. It answered many questions I had for fall protection.

IBEW, 2016

This was a great course and Peter did really well to explain the material to me as this is my first run through a fall protection course. Thanks Peter.

Open course, Nanaimo, 2016

Course was awesome. Peter is very knowledgeable, educational and informative. Great selection of fall protection equipment for hands on teaching.