Accident Investigation

An Accident Investigation is the cornerstone of determining the root causes and contributing factors that will help you in making the appropriate recommendations and actions that need to be implemented to prevent re-occurrence. This course is a one-day workshop where we will explore several key aspects of accident investigations.

Duration: 8 hours
Method of Instruction: Classroom
Max Class Size: 12 Students

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NOTE: All courses can be tailored to include company specific information

Course Outline / Syllabus
  1. The Legal requirements for investigations and reports
  2. Approaching an accident scene:
    1. What should you be looking for, what to take note of, the use of digital evidence, what legally you can and cannot do as a first accident investigation responder at an accident/incident scene prior to regulatory attendance
  3. How to approach Witnesses:
    1. The Do’s and Don’ts of what to say and do
  4. Recognizing the potential for post-traumatic stress and ensuring appropriate counselling is considered
  5. Gathering of technical and documented evidence necessary to assist you in determining all accident causes
  6. Ensuring that all evidence is gathered and analyzed
  7. Simple rules on what to look for and how to ask the appropriate questions
  8. Writing of the Accident Investigation Report

The accident Investigation course is an interactive process with both Power Point and Video presentations.  The day covers many aspects of what you as an investigator must do and how you must ensure that those accountable deliver on their commitments.  Remember, as the Investigator, you own your work and recommendations.  Regulation insists that action must be taken concerning all accidents and incidents.


  Day 1


  • Introductions
  • Discussion: what are accidents/incidents?
  • Accident investigation timeliness, who?
  • Overview of legal requirements


  • A/I checklist
  • Preserving scene
  • Interviewing techniques
  • What documentation to review
  • Getting to root cause
  • Developing effective corrective actions
  • Review Client policy/forms