Chainsaw Safety

This course is built specific to the needs of your organization and is designed to ensure workers who perform tasks requiring the operation of a chainsaw understand:

  • Chainsaw components and safety features
  • Types of chainsaws
  • Physical site preparation for chainsaw use
  • Safety requirements, including Personal Protective Equipment
  • Hazard assessment, identification, and control
  • Pre-operational inspections and function checks
  • Start-up and shutdown
  • Cutting techniques
  • Maintenance and inspection
  • Chain filing

Note:  No safe work procedures are covered during this presentation. This is an awareness presentation only.

Duration: 4 Hours
Method of Instruction: Classroom
Max Class Size: 8 Students

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NOTE: All courses can be tailored to include company specific information

Course Outline / Syllabus
  1. Regulatory requirements
  2. What is a chainsaw?
  3. Hazards and typical injuries
  4. Types of chainsaws and chains
  5. Components and safety features
  6. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  7. Kickback and avoidance
  8. Preoperational inspections
  9. Post operational checks
  10. Sharpening