Confined Space Entry Refresher

This course is intended for those who have completed classroom based training and participate in confined space entries as part of their work duties. It is designed for those who require a reminder of their duties and are interested in learning about regulatory updates and industry right practices. The class will rely on the knowledge of participants, while being guided by our instructor. Whether the entrant, standby person, supervisor or someone assigned rescue duties, workers must remain competent in their responsibilities. This course will be instructed by someone who assesses and writes confined space hazard assessments and entry procedures, a Qualified Person as defined by WorkSafe BC Regulation 9.11.


  • A Reminder – What is a Confined Space?
  • The REAL Reason You Need to Know about Confined Spaces, Lessons Learned by Industry.
  • Confined Space Hazard Identification
  • Confined Space Hazard Controls
  • Specific Roles and Responsibilities
  • Required Documentation
  • Review what is “Effective Rescue”



Students must have previously completed classroom based confined space entry training and have practical experience participating in confined space entries.

Duration: Please call 250-751-4295 to book this course and discuss options.
Method of Instruction:
Max Class Size:

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NOTE: All courses can be tailored to include company specific information

Course Outline / Syllabus
  1. A Reminder – What is a Confined Space?
    • Review the WorkSafe BC Definition of Confined Space
    • Excluded Spaces – A Deeper Understanding of When a Space can be Excluded
  2. The REAL Reason You Need to Know about Confined Spaces, Lessons Learned by Industry.
    • Review of Confined Space Fatalities
  3. Confined Space Hazard Identification
    • Participant Directed Confined Space Hazard Identification
    • Atmospheric, Physical and Human Factors
  4. Confined Space Hazard Controls
    • Basic Controls – Monitoring & Ventilation
    • Applying Controls in the Field
    • Other Regulatory Controls
  5. Specific Roles and Responsibilities
    • Roles Required for a Confined Space Entry
    • Review of Responsibilities
  6. Required Documentation
    • Confined Space Hazard Assessment and Entry Procedure
    • Confined Space Entry Permit
    • Confined Space Rescue Plan
  7. Rescue
    • Understanding Effective Rescue
    • The Rescue Hierarchy
    • Rescue and Your Tool Box Talk
    • Rescue Agreements

An exam will be administered at the end of the class.