Hazard Identification, Assessment & Control – 8 Hours

This 8 hr. Hazard Identification, Assessment and Control course is built with the objective of guiding supervisors and Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee members through the requirement to identify hazards, complete hazard assessments and determine appropriate controls throughout their jobs. Different levels and types of hazard identification, assessment and control will be discussed with the focus on being able to successfully perform requirements of conducting hazard assessment and control as outlined in your Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSMS).

This course is tailored to the specific needs of your organization and with your Safety Management System or OHS Program in mind.


Duration: 8 Hours
Method of Instruction: Classroom
Max Class Size: 12 Students

Call 250-751-4295 for further detail or questions.

NOTE: All courses can be tailored to include company specific information

Course Outline / Syllabus

Course participants will understand:

  1. Importance of having an effective, tailored and implemented, Occupational Health and Safety Program
  2. Hazard Assessment Regulations including Specification vs. Performance based Regulations
  3. Different layers of hazard identification and assessment
  4. How to quantify risk and prioritize efforts
  5. Understand where and how to find information
  6. Understand the hierarchy of controls and how to implement