Joint Occupational Health & Safety (JOHS) Committee Training

The Joint Occupational Health and Safety Training covers all primary aspects of what a committee member should know and do during their tenure as a member.  This course is built specific to the needs of your organization and will compliment your existing health and safety program.

Duration: 8 Hours
Method of Instruction: Classroom
Max Class Size: 12 Students

Call 250-751-4295 for further detail or questions.

NOTE: All courses can be tailored to include company specific information

Course Outline / Syllabus

Pick and choose your topics to create up to 8 hours of customized training:

Topic Timeframe
 Accident Investigation 4-8 Hours
 Due Diligence 1 Hour
 Soft Tissue Injury Prevention 2 Hours
 Legalities of Safety 1-2 Hours
 Bullying and Harassment 2 Hours
 Claims 1-2 Hours
 Violence 2-4 Hours
 Safety Management Systems/Culture 2 Hours
 Safety Crew Talk 1-2 Hours
 Inspections with Mockup 2 Hours + 1 Hour Setup for Mockup
 Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment 2-4 Hours
 Multi-Employer Workplace 2 Hours
 Supervision 101 2 Hours
 WorkSafeBC Interactions and History 1 Hour
 Duties, Functions & Benefits of a Joint  Committee 1 Hour
 Rules and Procedure for JOHS  Committees 1 Hour
 Investigation Requirements & Process 2 Hours
 Inspection Requirements & Process 2 Hours
 Refusal of Unsafe Work 1 Hour
 Evaluation of JOHS Committees 1 Hour