Lead ECP, Awareness & Suiting Up

This course is designed to ensure workers who work directly with lead containing
products and coatings understand:

  • Hazards associated with lead
  • Full suiting up in respirators/ Tyvek
Duration: 3 Hours
Method of Instruction: Classroom/Mock-up Demonstration
Max Class Size: 12 Students

Call 250-751-4295 for further detail or questions.

NOTE: All courses can be tailored to include company specific information

Course Outline / Syllabus


  1. Lead Awareness
    1. What is Lead
      1. Characteristics of Lead
    2. Definitions or Lead Coatings and ALARA
      1. Exposure limit in BC
    3. Typical places to find lead (in industry and in the home)
    4. Hazards of lead and how lead gets into the body
    5. Respirator requirements & cartridges
    6. How to control exposure to lead
    7. Complete review of Company Specific Exposure Control Plan (ECP) as review of above
  1. Mock-up/ Demonstration by Participants
    1. Suiting up demonstration in Tyvek and respirator